Network Services Pricing Information

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Network Services provides the hardware to connect your computer(s) to the network.

Here are the prices for cables, switches, and Network Jack Activations.

If you are ordering a switch, you will need to email and provide the number of computers (and printers or other devices) that you want to connect to the network along with an account number to charge. We will notify you of when we can schedule the installation for you.

If you are purchasing a new COW, please review the current Costs for a COW Cart.

Once you are ready to order your COW:

  • send an email to with "COW cart order for yourschool/department" (without the quotes) as the subject.
  • In the body of your email message include
    a. the contact person at your location for this purchase
    b. an account number to charge.
  • Network Services will receive the equipment, assembly the components, and have it delivered to your site.

If you are adding computers to your room or location, please refer to the Network Installations page.
If you are remodeling, please refer to the Network Design page.