Blog Discussion Settings

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1. In the Settings menu on the left column of the Dashboard, click Discussion.

2. Default article settings:

  • Attempt to notify any blogs linked to from the article: We recommend that you not check this box. If you check this box, WordPress will send out a ping to a site or article you have linked to in your post. Your mention of their site or article will show up in the comment section of their site, if that site allows ping backs. The notification occurs during the process of publishing your article to the internet. An article with many hyperlinks will slow the posting process as WordPress contacts all of the sites before the post is published.

  • Allow link notifications from other blogs (ping backs and trackbacks): If you check this box, WordPress accepts or declines the pings from other sites which may reference your site or an article on your site. If this box is checked, ping backs and trackbacks will appear in the comments section of your posts.

  • Allow people to post comments on new articles: Check this box if you wish to allow comments to your posts. Remember that this can be overridden for individual articles. Comments can also be controlled by making an article PRIVATE, which requires the appropriate password before a comment is allowed. If you don't wish to allow comments uncheck this setting.

3. Other comment settings:

  • Comment author must fill out name and e-mail: Check this box as a way to force spammers to do a bit of extra work. In reality, the name and e-mail address are not verified in any way prior to the comment being submitted. Most legitimate commenters are more than willing to fill out a name and e-mail address.

  • Users must be registered and logged in to comment: If this box is checked, only logged in registered users will be able to write comments on your site.

  • Automatically close comments on articles older than ____ days: If you would like to limit the amount of time after which a post or page has been published on your blog for when people can make comments, check the box and enter the number of days.

  • Enable threaded (nested) comments levels ____ deep: If you would like nested comments to appear (where a person has replied to another person's comment), check this box and from the drop-down box, select the number of levels deep (maximum of 10 levels) you will allow for nested comments. Note that themes need to be specially coded to properly display threaded comments.

  • Break comments with...: If you would like comments to appear in paginated format with the specified number of comments per page, check this box. In addition, specify the number of comments per page, if the pages should be ordered "first to last" or "last to first", and within each page, whether the oldest, or newest, comment is to be displayed first.

4. E-mail me whenever:

  • Anyone posts a comment: Check this box if you would like to know when anyone posts a comment on anything you have put up on your blog.

  • A comment is held for moderation : Check this box if you would like to know when a comment is being held for moderation, which means you have to approve it before it will appear on your blog.

5. Before a comment appears:

  • An administrator must always approve the comment: Check this box if you would like moderate the comment before it appears on your blog.

  • Comment author must have a previously approved comment: We recommend not checking this box because even if a person has a previously approved comment does not mean that their comments after the first will be an appropriate one to appear on your blog.

6. Comment Moderation:

  • If you want to moderate a comment that has a number of links, enter the number of links in the small box.

  • If you want to moderate a comment with certain words in it, enter these words in the large box.

6. Comment Blackslist:

  • Enter any words you would not like to appear in comments in the large box. If any of these words appear in its content, name, URL, e-mail, or IP, it will be marked as spam.

  • Last Step: After entering all the settings, click the Save Changes button.
7. Click this link: Privacy Settings to go to the next set of instructions.