Network Installations

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Network Services provides data connectivity from all networkable devices to District resources and to the Internet. The infrastructure supporting data connectivity and the maintenance of these connections is provided by Network Services as a central service.

Individual data jacks may be ordered as needed by schools and departments. Data jacks are provisioned with 10/100/1000 Mb Ethernet data service (ports will support connections speeds of 10Mb, 100Mb, or 1000Mb as needed by the connected device). IP addressing and configuration information will be provided by central DHCP and DNS servers operated by Network Services. Ethernet data jacks are intended for connectivity to individual workstations and servers.

Wireless connections can also be ordered by schools and departments. Each access point is installed either on a COW or in a fixed location with the building. Design and installation of wireless access points are handled by Network Services.

Please contact Network Services for pricing information, estimates, or to place an order for new data service.
For Further Information:

Contact Network Services at or call 541-790-7793.

Prior to ordering a connection, please have these answers ready:

Is there a data jack in place and available?

-- If so, you will be asked for the building and room number for the new data connection. If not, you will need to request an estimate to have a new data jack installed when you order your data connection.

Do you know your account number?

-- Installation charges are associated with all data network services and connections. You will need a valid account number to place an order for data services.


Patch Cord Guidelines

OSHA, Federal, State, County and City codes do not allow patch cords to be run over or across doorways, walkways, corridors, hallways, up walls, through walls, hanging from the ceiling, or lying on ceiling tiles.

Telecommunications standards do not allow distances over 300-ft from the network equipment to the computer/printer. Data connections will fail or be slow due to numerous packet errors.

Telecommunications standards do not allow patch cords to be attached or fasten to walls with staples or tape, run through doorways or through walls.

If you think your installation may violate these codes/standards, contact Network Services and we will help get your cabling installed.