How to Create a Blog Page

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How to Create a Page

1. To create a new page, go to the top menu bar and click + New. A list of items to create will appear below + New. Click Page.

2. Enter a title of the page in the Enter title here field.

3. Enter the content of the page in this box. You have many options to modify how the content looks and what kind of content with the format buttons above the page content box.

4. If you would like to add Media to the page, above the content area, click the Add Media button.

5. If the media you'd like to include on this page hasn't been uploaded to your blog server, look on this page for the option to Select Files or drag and drop the file(s) to this area. Select which way you'd like to upload the media file(s) (image, sound, video) by either browsing your computer and selecting the files or dragging and dropping the files to this area. After you upload the file(s), you will be taken to your Media Library and the media files you uploaded will be checked. The the file(s) that are checked are the ones you'd like to insert in your page. Verify that these are the ones you'd like inserted into this page... if there are any that are checked that you don't want inserted on this page, click it and it will not be checked. If there are any files that aren't checked that you'd like inserted, click them and they will be checked. When all that you want inserted into this page are checked, click the Insert into page button.

6. If the media you'd like to include in this page has already been uploaded to your blog server, click the Media Library link, select the item(s) you'd like to include and click the Insert into page button.

7. When you are finished creating your page, in the right column there are several options you have for publishing. If you haven't finished the page, but need to do something else right now, click Save Draft - it won't be published. If you would like to see how this page will appear before publishing it, click the Preview button. If you would like to limit who can view this page, click the Edit link to the right of Visibility and select either Password Protected and enter the password or Private. Then click the OK button. If you are ready to publish this page, click the Publish button.

8. You have now created and published your page. Click here for instructions on how to edit or delete a blog page.