Network Design

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Network Services coordinates all work on communications projects requiring engineering design, coordination, estimates, and interpretation of standards.

You should contact Network Services if you are planning any of the following projects:

* Remodeling a space
* Changing the function of a space
* Rearranging office furniture systems within a space
* Constructing new spaces
* Occupying temporary construction trailers or spaces

Such projects often involve adding to or modifying the communications pathways from a room to the 4J's inter-building communications over which the following types of communications take place:

* Voice - Phones, FAX, Modems, Video Conferencing, Monitoring Systems
* Data - Computers, Printers, Instrumentation, Alarms
* Video/TV - Cable TV, Broadcast TV
* A/V - Data projectors, VCR monitors

Improper work or work that is not done in compliance with 4J specifications may have to be redone, sometimes at considerable expense to you, or may create difficulties for others using the 4J's communications system.

General Rules - Rules we follow for successful job project construction and installation.

Ed Spec - A summary document for design principles.

Facilities Design Documents - The specific files the architect and electrical/communications consultants must have to prepare bid documents.