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The information here is a draft! This notice will be removed once the information is finalized.

Network Services provides server and systems administration for Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, and Active Directory, Redhat Linux, OS-X Server, Netapp Disk Storage, VMware, Microsoft SQL, and mysql databases. Network Services will provide server administration services for computers, including virtual computing machines, that are located in the CIS Data Center.


Schools or departments using this service will not have to deal with technical issues related to server administration.

Cost of Service:


Terms and Conditions:

Network Services offers server administration of your Windows, Linux, UNIX, or Mac server that is housed in at the CIS Data Center. Competent, qualified members of Network Services Systems Support Group will perform system administration activities.

These activities include:

  • Installation of properly licensed operating system provided by school/department.
  • Installation of subsequent upgrades to operating system, including the timely application of critical and non-critical service packs and patches, for supported platforms.
  • Rebuilding the system in the event of hardware failure or security breach.
  • Operating system backup and restore as required.
  • Installation, maintenance, and administration of anti-virus and backup application software on the server.
  • Review of system logs making recommendations for corrective action to the school/department and proceed after gaining approval to proceed.
  • Monitoring system utilization, performance, and availability and notification of school/department of issues affecting performance.
  • Providing backup services as contracted by the school/department.
  • Assisting with the installation of application software. The school/department must provide application software with license keys, including CALS necessary for implementing some applications on Microsoft Servers.
  • The school/department assumes the expense for the enhancement expansion, upgrade, replacement, etc. of the hardware and software required to run the network with the exception of virtual servers provisioned by Network Services.
  • Requests for assistance should be placed through the Network Services at

School/Department Responsibilities:

  • Software licenses for operating system and applications must be provided to Network Services.
  • Servers must be a 1U or 2U rack mount style with dual power supplies and a form factor that fits in CIS equipment racks.
  • Server must be under maintenance or vendor warranty (Network Services will not replace parts).
  • Operating System Requirements: Microsoft Windows Server or dialects of Linux, UNIX, or Mac OS.

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