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VPN service is available for 4J staff upon request. VPN services allow you to securely connect to the 4J network from any location. This not only keeps the information you transmit and receive secure, but it also provides you with access to services that are not available via the public Internet.

Email Access

If you only need to use Zimbra (not files1, printers, etc.) the easiest way to connect is to visit https://4jvpn.4j.lane.edu in a web browser. Log in with your standard 4J username (only the username, not your full email address) and password, then click "Zimbra" bookmark. No extra software needs to be installed on your computer.

Accessing Other Resources

To access resources other than Zimbra, you will need to use the "Forticlient" program. Before downloading, please check your computer's applications or programs folder to see if it's already installed.



iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch


If you have trouble getting VPN to work, please call the help desk at x7777