Emergency Numbers

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remember that if you are dialing from a district phone, you must dial 9 to reach the outside line.



Eugene Police Department
Emergencies 541-682-4111
Non-Emergency Number 541-682-5111
Lane County Sheriff's Office
Emergencies 541-682-4141
Non-Emergency Number 541-682-4150
Springfield Police Department
Emergencies 911
Non-Emergency Number 541-726-3714


Eugene Fire Department
Emergencies 911
Non-Emergency Number 541-682-7100
Springfield Fire Department
Emergencies 911
Non-Emergency Number 541-726-3737

Medical Centers

Mckenzie Willamette Hospital 541-726-4400
Sacred Heart Medical Center
University District Facility
Emergencies 541-686-6931
Non-Emergency Number 541-686-7300
Riverbend Facility - Trauma Center
Emergencies 541-222-6929
Non-Emergency Number 541-222-7300
Riverbend Facility - Urgent Care 541-222-6005

Animal Services

Lane County Animal Services 541-682-3645
Animal Control (Springfield) 541-726-3634

Poison and Hazmat

Oregon Poison Center 1-800-222-1222
Hazardous Materials Information Center 1-800-467-4922