Backup & Recovery

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Networks Service provides backup and recovery for all Network, System, Techonology, and Telecom Services and Instructional Applications. All services use a disk based replication scheme to backup data on managed services. Disk Based Replication is not a tape based backup system. The data is backed up and recovered from an active storage disk system. An additional backup copy of the active disk system is made at a remote site.

The Disk Based replication service is designed to:

  • Store backup copies in the district's central and secure Data Center
  • Enable quick recovery from hardware failures with backups that are kept online
  • Not require any specific backup software installation

For interested schools and departments, a migration plan, and backup and recovery procedures can be created for your backups. The Disk Base Replication service is available by subscription, and is only available for servers located in the CIS Data Center. The cost is based on the amount of storage required to store the backups. If you wish to subscribe to the Disk Based replication service, please send and email to In the subject field, make a note that you want to investigate Disk Based Replication.