Select a Theme for Your Blog

Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly version What is a theme?

A theme is an esthetic and functional configuration for the blog, including how the blog looks (color, images, etc.) and how the elements of your blog are displayed (the title, subtitle, sidebars, menu bars, what you've posted on the blog, etc.).

Select a Theme for Your Blog
1. To access the list of themes from which you can choose, in the left column, hover your mouse cursor over Appearance and click Themes.
2. As you look through the themes, if one appeals to you, click the Live Preview link and see if you like how it looks and if the layout of the blog is functional for you. If you decide this is the theme you would like, in the left column of the Preview window, click the Save & Activate button. If you don't want this theme or would like to preview other themes, click the Cancel button in the left column and you will return to the theme library. After reviewing all the themes, if you decide that one of the themes that you previewed is your preferred theme, click the Activate link under the theme.

3. Some of the themes don't show an image, but they will if you preview the theme. You can look at these by clicking the Live Preview link under the blank image. Then go through the instructions in Step 2 to either select this theme or move onto a different theme to preview.
4. Once you have activated your theme, go back to the Dashboard by clicking the Dashboard link at the top of the left column.
5. Click here: General Settings for the next set of instructions.