Protecting District Information

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Staff and students have a legal obligation to protect the confidentiality of District information. It is critical that everyone ensures that those with whom they share data have a legitimate business need for the data and that they understand their obligations to protect this information from disclosure.


The first step in prevention is to secure your computer. Here are the steps you should take:

  • Create and maintain unique accounts on your computer for each user.
  • Create secure passwords for each account. Secure passwords contain at least:
    • eight characters
    • one number
    • one special character (e.g. @ $ [ ] +)
    • one capital letter
    • one lowercase letter
  • Passwords must NOT:
    • be based on a word from the dictionary
    • contain your username

Passwords should never be shared with others and should not be stored in web browsers or other applications.

Other steps you should take to secure your computer are

  • Keep security updates for your operating system (Windows or OS-X) and applications current
  • Enable and maintain your computer's firewall
  • Install and regularly update your anti-virus software; keep it active on your computer
  • Install anti-spyware software; keep it up to date; scan for spyware regularly
  • Insure that you are using secure connections when sending or receiving sensitive data
  • Use caution with email links and attachments and avoid phishing scams

Other security measures to take

External Identity theft information

Reporting incidents